eBPF Summit 2024

Get Started with eBPF

  • Try the Lab

    Borrowing the opensnoop example from Liz Rice’s report, this lab teaches you to handle an eBPF tool, watch it loading its components, and even add your own tracing into the source eBPF code.

    Try the Lab
  • Read the Books

    Read the “What is eBPF?” and “Learning eBPF” O’Reilly Books by Liz Rice or BPF Performance Tools by Brendan Gregg to get started. Throughout the books, you will learn what eBPF and why it is so powerful, the capabilities it provides.

    Read the Books
  • Watch the video

    Dive into the history of eBPF with this talk from John Fastabend. Starting in the “early days” of 2014, it covers the main projects, companies, and players that influenced the landscape of Linux networking at the time and how they enabled the creation of eBPF.

    Watch the video

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