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Emerging Applications

Frequently Asked Questions

Are these projects under the eBPF Foundation?

  • This page lists a number of open source projects that use eBPF as the underlying core technology. These projects are not under the eBPF Foundation but are listed here as a survey of the eBPF project landscape today.

Add your project

  1. Make sure that the project is meeting the requirements to be listed. See below.
  2. Open a pull request and provide the required information. Use one of the already listed projects as a template. The ordering of applications is based on the number of Github stars (high to low), updated on a quaterly basis.
  3. The pull request will be reviewed by the community and merged by one of the maintainers. If you have any questions, feel free to ask on Slack.

Are you maintaining a listed project?

  • If you are maintaining one of the listed projects and would like to adjust the content. Get in touch on Slack or open a pull request directly.

Requirements for a project to be listed

Projects can be listed on this page as "Major" or "Emerging". The requirements for being listed as "Emerging" are:

  • The project must be open source. All source code must be licensed under an open source license. Any documentation must be licensed under an open license.
  • The project must be using eBPF as its underlying core technology, in other words, a project would lose its purpose if the eBPF parts are removed.
  • The project must be open to collaboration and have a governance model following open-source best-practices.

In order to be listed as a "Major" project, a project must meet all of the requirements above, plus:

  • The project must have more than 50 contributors.
  • The project must be actively maintained.
  • The project must be used in production-like environments with a significant amount of users. Since this information may not be easily discoverable from a link to the project, such information should be included in the pull request description.