eBPF Summit


Featured Speakers


  • Alexei Starovoitov

    The future of eBPF in the Linux Kernel

  • Adelina Simion

    Multi-cluster networking with Cilium at Form3

  • Arthur @Arthurchiao (Yanan Zhao)

    Large scale cloud native networking & security with Cilium/eBPF: 4 years experiences from Trip.com

  • Alex Mackenzie

    eBPF - The Capital Market's Perspective

  • Ondrej Blazek

    Cilium Standalone XDP L4 Load Balancer

  • Guruprasad Ramamoorthy

    eBPF, a road to invisible network: S&P Global's Network Transformation Journey

  • Dave Thaler

    Signed eBPF Programs: A Cross-Platform Analysis

  • Niek Temme

    When you need to overcome your fear and build your own data-driven eBPF firewall

  • Martynas Pumputis

    Troubleshooting and healing networks with eBPF

  • Jan Glauber

    eBPF for IO latency monitoring

  • Jiang Wang

    Improving Cilium's eBPF-based DSR performance by adding support for IP-in-IP

  • Toke Høiland-Jørgensen

    The Promise of eBPF For The Edge

  • Daniel Borkmann

    eBPF: innovations in cloud native

  • Purvi Desai

    eBPF and Cilium at Google

  • Marga Manterola

    Buzzing across the eBPF Landscape and into the Hive

  • Laurent Bernaille

    All Your Queues Are Belong to Us: Debugging and Mitigating a Kernel Bug with eBPF

  • Frederick Lawler

    Securing systems with eBPF Linux Security Module

  • Giovanni Alberto Falcione

    Securing the IoT with eBPF and Rust

  • Djalal Harouni

    Container Security and Runtime Enforcement with Tetragon

  • Li Qiang, Xufeng Zhang

    Using eBPF in system security

  • Dinesh Venkatesan

    Applied eBPF for cross platform security research

  • Marcos Bajo, Juan Tapiador

    Analysis of offensive capabilities of eBPF and implementation of a rootkit

  • Andrea Terzolo, Jason Dellaluce

    Falco's Discovery of the Modern eBPF World

  • Nikita Baksalyar

    Metalens: Live Programming and Visualizing eBPF

  • Shung-Hsi Yu

    Peeking into the eBPF verifierv

  • Daniel Xu

    Fighting and overcoming the complexity limit

  • Krisztian Fekete

    Building an oomkill-exporter powered by eBPF

  • Francis Laniel

    Porting eBPF CO-RE to arm64 Leads to Fix the Kernel

  • Alan Maguire, Stephen Brennan

    The power of a self-describing kernel - How BTF can benefit applications

  • Mauricio Vásquez Bernal, Rafael David Tinoco

    BTFGen: one Step Closer to Truly Portable eBPF Programs

  • Hao Luo

    Cgroup Iter: A step toward container-oriented observability

  • Yuhong Zhong

    XRP: In-Kernel Storage Functions with eBPF

Connecting end-users

The eBPF Summit brings together end-user and the eBPF developer community for two days of exciting content all around eBPF.

Sharing experience

Just like last year, we will hear from both end-users sharing their experience using eBPF as well as developers actively working on eBPF and eBPF projects.

Trending technologies

eBPF is one of the most talked about technologies in our industry - enabling a new generation of networking, observability and security tools.

Your eBPF Summit Hosts

Liz Rice

Chief Open Source Officer - Isovalent

Tracy Holmes

Technical Community Advocate - Isovalent

Duffie Cooley

Field CTO - Isovalent

Our volunteers

Thank you to our program committee for helping select the sessions this year!

Polar Signals

Last year's summit

eBPF Summit 2021 featured 36 talks from many different perspectives, from kernel maintainers working on eBPF implementation, through projects using eBPF technology to create next-generation tools, through to end users sharing their experiences of leveraging this awesome new set of capabilities. Join us this September for what promises to be an even more exciting edition!

eBPF Summit 2021
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  • 7Keynotes
  • 30Companies
  • 2Days
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