August 18-19th

Summit 2021


Summit 2021

Back by popular demand, we’re excited to announce the eBPF Summit 2021.

Connecting end-users

The eBPF Summit brings together end-users and the eBPF developer community for two days of exciting content all around eBPF.

Trending technologies

eBPF is quickly becoming one of the most talked about technologies in our industry - enabling a new generation of networking, observability and security tools.

Sharing experience

Just like last year, we will hear from both end-users sharing their experience using eBPF as well as developers actively working on eBPF and eBPF projects.


  • Daniel Borkmann, Isovalent

    BPF and Spectre: Mitigating transient execution attacks

  • Jaana Dogan, AWS

    eBPF in Microservices Observability

  • Brendan Gregg, Netflix

    Getting Started with BPF observability

  • Thomas Graf, Isovalent

    The State & Future of eBPF

  • Liz Rice, Isovalent

    A Load Balancer from scratch

  • Dave Thaler, Microsoft

    eBPF for Windows

  • Anthony Comtois, Joseph Samuel, Sebastian Duff, Sky

    eBPF & Cilium at Sky


  • Kevin Sheldrake, Microsoft

    Auto-discovery of Kernel Struct Offsets without BTF

  • Weilong Cui & Xinyuan Zhang, Google

    Enabling User-space C-native Testing of eBPF Programs

  • Sujin Park, Georgia Tech

    Contextual Concurrency Control

  • Simar Singh, Aqua Security

    Why is my eBPF code slow?

  • Brian Merrell, Walmart

    Running and orchestrating multiple XDP and TC programs

  • Grant Seltzer, Aqua Security

    Compile Once Run Everywhere, the BPF Dream

  • Yehonatan Bruchim, Flow

    Speaking the verifier's language - turning from an enemy to a friend

  • Alan Maguire, Oracle

    Data-centric tracing using the BPF Type Format (BTF)

  • Itay Shakury, CNCF Ambassador

    OSS Licensing considerations for eBPF project

  • Lorenzo Fontana, Gitpod

    How are BPF helpers made?

  • Alessandro Decina

    Why Rust is increasingly becoming a great option for writing eBPF programs

  • Kyle Quest, All Things Security

    BPF Library Ecosystem Overview in Go, Rust, Python and C

  • Tony Lu, Alibaba

    Track and analyze TCP retransmission with eBPF

  • Nate Foster, Cornell

    eBPF and P4: Better Together

  • Andrius Grabauskas, Palantir

    Using user-space tracing to solve DNS problems

  • Jed Salazar, Natalia Ivanko, Isovalent

    Keeping your cluster safe from attacks with eBPF

  • Lan Pye, Kentik, Inc.

    Container Level Network Observability with eBPF

  • Pete Stevenson, Omid Azizi, New Relic

    Continuous Profiling in Production with eBPF

  • Andrew Liang, Cruise

    Observing GPU Runtime Behavior Inside a Self-Driving Car

  • Sylvain Hellegouarch, Reliably

    Using eBPF as an SRE - A beginner's tale

  • Lorenz Bauer & Mark Pashmfouroush, Cloudflare

    Bad middlebox! Catching RFC6437 violations in the wild

  • Nick Bouliane, DigitalOcean

    Rate limiting access to internal services in a virtual network

  • Matthew Lenhard, ContainIQ

    Getting started deploying and running BCC in your Kubernetes Cluster

  • Yiannis Yiakoumis, Selfie Networks

    Networks Tokens with eBPF

  • Djalal Harouni, Open Devices GmbH

    BPF to bridge Cloud and IoT Linux Security

  • Brendan Jackman, Google

    Stories from BPF security auditing at Google

  • Melissa Kilby & Eric Sage, Apple

    Think eBPF for Kernel Security Monitoring - Falco at Apple

  • Kanthi Pavuluri & Karan Dalal, Walmart

    High Performance Load Balancing @Walmart

  • Karthikeyan Thangaraj, Verizon Media

    Software L4 Load Balancing for Kubernetes Services at Yahoo!

  • Leonardo Di Donato, Gitpod

    Scheduling BPF on Kubernetes doesn't have to be difficult

  • Shutri Chaturvedi

    Strengthen Application and Network Layer-Security by Integrating eBPF-Based CNI in Kubernetes

  • Iago López Galeiras & Mauricio Vásquez Bernal, Microsoft

    Extending systemd security features with eBPF

  • Daniel Bernier, Bell Canada

    Why eBPF is changing the telco networking space

  • Rafael David Tinico, Aqua Security

    Conntracker: A firewall flow sniffer

  • Ian Pye, Kentik Inc.

    Container Level Network Observability with eBPF

  • Jonathan Perry, Flowmill

    Turnkey network telemetry with the Flowmill Collector

Capture The Flag

First-ever eBPF-themed Capture the Flag (CTF) event.

Last year's summit

Many different perspectives were covered from kernel maintainers working on eBPF implementation, through projects using eBPF technology to create next-generation tools, through to end users sharing their experiences of leveraging this awesome new set of capabilities.

eBPF Summit 2020