Watch party:
Bring Your Hive Together

Do you want to spark or grow your local eBPF community? Host an eBPF Summit Watch Party to gather eBPF enthusiasts from your area and grow the buzz

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What you need to do

  • Find a place to host the watch party

    This can be an office, coffee shop, beach, or porch

  • Create a way for people to RSVP

    Stay in touch so people know when are where to meet. We also ask they register for eBPF Summit

  • Find some food and drink

    Whether it is just tap water or a company sponsoring a whole buffet your guests will enjoy the refreshments

  • Email us

    So we can help you promote the event

    Email Us for Details
  • Get a swag packet

    Receive a swag packet to hand out to your guests (limited supply)