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8:30AM-13:00PM PST / 5:30PM-10:00PM CEST

eBPF Summit 2024

About the conference

Back by popular demand, we’re excited to announce the eBPF Summit 2024

Connecting technologists

This year’s summit is a single-day virtual event bringing together eBPF experts, contributors, adopters, enthusiasts and the community to explore the technology behind some of today’s most exciting infrastructure tools.

Sharing ideas

Learn from the experiences, experiments, projects, and ideas from the eBPF community. Explore the numerous possibilities eBPF offers.

Evolving use cases

eBPF is enabling a new generation of networking, observability and security tools. You’ll hear about how people and projects leverage eBPF today to solve engineering problems, and how eBPF itself is evolving and growing.

Your eBPF Summit Hosts

Liz Rice

Liz Rice

Chief Open Source Officer, Isovalent
Duffie Cooley

Duffie Cooley

Field CTO, Isovalent

Last year's summit

The eBPF Summit 2023 featured 17 talks from many different perspectives, from kernel maintainers working on the eBPF implementation, through projects using eBPF technology to create next-generation tools, through to end users sharing their experiences of leveraging this awesome new set of capabilities. Join us this September for what promises to be an even more exciting edition!

eBPF Summit 2023
  • 3.1kRegistrations
  • 3Keynotes
  • 17Talks
  • 1Day
Jean userpic
✨ Jean Yang ✨@jeanqasaur

Excited for #eBPFSummit! I'll be speaking alongside @brendangregg and the CTF eBee. 🐝My talk will be about what the world will look when eBPF silently powers everything. The event will be virtual 9/13 if you'd like to join us!

Danner finnerman userpic
Daniel Finnerman@thebsdbox

Just watched @rawkode solve the @eBPFsummit CTF challenge (on HARDMODE) in around 15 mins. 😂

Shubham userpic

5 days to go for the @eBPFsummit lessgoo! what are the talks y'all are most excited abouttt? for me, it has to be THE @brendangregg #ebpf