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eBPF Updates #5: CNCF Proposals, Kinvolk Acquired, eCHO, the Cost of Tail Calls, Systemd Features, Reverse Debugging, Static Linking

Spring is back in the Northern Hemisphere, and with it all kinds of features are blooming for eBPF. Kernel 5.12 is out and version 5.13 is on track to bring new exciting functionalities. At the same time, new projects hatch and companies are enjoying renewed activity. Several eBPF-related projects applied to join or upgrade their status in the bosom of CNCF. After some delay, no doubt caused by winter hibernation, welcome to the fifth issue of the eBPF Updates!

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May 4, 2021

eBPF Updates #4: In-Memory Loads Detection, Debugging QUIC, Local CI Runs, MTU Checks, but No Pancakes

In several parts of the globe, February is traditionally about love, and pancakes. eBPF sure received a lot of love over the last weeks! Blogging, conferencing, and kernel development have resumed full speed after the quiet period at the end of the year. Here are all the latest updates, plus a section focusing on program size limits. Alas, uncertainty remains as for eBPF getting pancakes.

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February 23, 2021

eBPF Updates #3: Atomics Operations, Socket Options Retrieval, Syscall Tracing Benchmarks, eBPF in the Supply Chain

With the festive season, it would seem that eBPF blogging has cooled down a little, and we have fewer items to report this time. But eBPF is getting traction everywhere, so we can be confident that more material will be available for the months to come. Let's wager that 2021 will be full of new features, tutorials, deep dives, commercial news, and good surprises in general. In the meantime, here are all the latest news. Welcome to the third issue of the eBPF Updates, and Happy New Year!

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January 22, 2021

eBPF Updates #2: eBPF with Zig, libbpf-bootstrap, Rust Linker, BTF in Kernel Modules, Cgroup-Based Memory Accounting

Welcome to the second issue of the eBPF Updates! This time we have interesting resources about how to write eBPF programs with Zig, or with Rust, or on how to manage them with libbpf. On the kernel side, modules now support BTF, and improvements to memory accounting for eBPF should help to solve the limitations of rlimit. Did this just sound incomprehensible to you? Do not fear, we also have some gentle introductions to eBPF in the list. This issue also introduces a “Did You Know” section, and this time the focus is on CO-RE. Read, learn, trace, and filter!

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December 18, 2020

eBPF Updates #1: eBPF Summit Coverage, libbpf 0.2, BTF Developments, Bulk API for XDP, Local Task Storage for eBPF LSM

Curious people, eBPF aficionados, kernel hackers, welcome! The eBPF Updates aim to be a regular publication providing news on the latest resources and developments in the eBPF world. This report is the first of the series. We will focus on the latest news over October and November 2020. From new tutorials to academic research and kernel discussions, everyone should find a good read or two!

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November 20, 2020